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Inventor quantification (FMZ.COM) is the largest digital currency quantification trading platform in China. It supports Javascript/Python/C++/MAI language/visualization, five programming languages, the platform strategy fully supports all of currencies in BW.COM, and can quickly start quantitative trading.

Please refer to the "user center - API Settings" page for apikey application and modification.

Please refer to the Issues for frequently asked questions.

Users with excellent maker strategies and high trading volume are welcome to participate in long-term market making projects. The specific rates are as follows:

User Level Net assets (equivalent BTC) 30-day trading volume (equivalent BTC) Maker fee Taker fee
Level 1 <50 <500 0.10% 0.10%
Level 2 >=80 >=1000 0 0

When calculating the fee level, users need to meet both net assets and 30-day trading conditions.

If your BW spot account meets the requirements of Level 2, please provide the following information to email:

  1. Provide uid (uid without commission relationship)
  2. Provide screenshot proof of trading volume from maker of other trading platforms (such as trading volume within 30 days, or VIP level, etc.)
  3. A brief explanation of market-making methods, no details required

Marketmaker programs do not support VIP, volume related activities or any form of commission rebate


WebSocket market, trade push API

Address: wss://

REST market, trading API

Domain address: