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Full rewrite of the original flash game by Damien Clarke (which you can find at using SVG and javascript. The aim is to fly a missile past a sequence of rotating barriers and avoid crashing for as long as possible while everything speeds up.

Mostly written over christmas in 2010 when I was learning javascript. I felt SVG was being unfairly neglected with all the hype surrounding canvas, WebGL and 3d CSS.

Makes use of Kevin Lindsey's SVG geometry library, modified slightly to support elliptical arcs, for finding collisions. My original plan was to use the browser checkIntersection() built-in but it didn't work properly in any browsers. Currently I would prefer to go the other way and avoid using any of the rendering state in game logic.

With the exception of the lib folder, this software is distributed under the terms of the GNU Affero Public License. See LICENSE for details.


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