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Important Notes

This repository has been archived, and moved to the new repository here Further development and fixing will be happening in the new repository.



Struct Data Fake Generator

Faker will generate you a fake data based on your Struct.

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You can file an Issue. See documentation in Go.Dev

Getting Started


go get -u



Example to use Faker


Bench To Generate Fake Data

Without Tag

BenchmarkFakerDataNOTTagged-4             500000              3049 ns/op             488 B/op         20 allocs/op

Using Tag

 BenchmarkFakerDataTagged-4                100000             17470 ns/op             380 B/op         26 allocs/op


The Struct Field must be PUBLIC.
Support Only For :

  • int, int8, int16, int32 & int64
  • []int, []int8, []int16, []int32 & []int64
  • bool & []bool
  • string & []string
  • float32, float64, []float32 &[]float64
  • time.Time & []time.Time
  • Nested Struct Field


Unfortunately this library has some limitation

  • It does not support private fields. Make sure your structs fields you intend to generate fake data for are public, it would otherwise trigger a panic. You can however omit fields using a tag skip faker:"-" on your private fields.
  • It does not support the interface{} data type. How could we generate anything without knowing its data type?
  • It does not support the map[interface{}]interface{}, map[any_type]interface{} & map[interface{}]any_type data types. Once again, we cannot generate values for an unknown data type.
  • Custom types are not fully supported. However some custom types are already supported: we are still investigating how to do this the correct way. For now, if you use faker, it's safer not to use any custom types in order to avoid panics.
  • Some extra custom types can be supported IF AND ONLY IF extended with AddProvider() please see example
  • The oneof tag currently only supports string, the int types, and both float32 & float64. Further support is coming soon (i.e. hex numbers, etc). See example for usage.


To contrib to this project, you can open a PR or an issue.