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@@ -15,13 +15,18 @@ Release date:
* Session#click has been renamed click_link_or_button and the old click has been deprecated
* Node#node has been renamed native
* Node#locate is deprecated in favor of Node#find, which now behaves identically
+* Session#drag is deprecated, please use Node#drag_to(other_node) instead
### Added
+* Pretty much everything is properly documented now
* It's now possible to call all session methods on nodes, like `find('#foo').fill_in(...)`
* Custom selectors can be added with Capybara::Selector.add
* The :id selector is added by default, use it lile `find(:id, 'foo')` or `find(:foo)`
+* Added Node#has_selector? so any kind of selector can be queried.
* Added Capybara.configure for less wordy configuration
+* Added within_window to switch between different windows (currently Selenium only)
+* Capybara.server_port to provide a fixed port if wanted (defaults to automatic selection)
### Fixed
@@ -29,6 +34,11 @@ Release date:
* Port is automatically assigned instead of guessing
* Strip encodings in rack-test, no more warnings!
* RackTest no longer submits disabled fields
+* Servers no longer output annoying debug information when started
+* TCP port selection is left to Ruby to decide, no more port guessing
+* Select boxes now return option value instead of text if present
+* The default has been changed from localhost to, should fix some obscure selenium bugs
+* RackTest now supports complex field names, such as foo[bar][][baz]
# Version 0.3.9
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