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Real Name Attestation Bot

A bot that attests the user's passport or ID card data.

Inital setup

  • Have at least Node 8 installed.
  • Go into project folder.
  • Run npm install to install node modules.
  • Download "GeoLite2 Country" MaxMind DB, unzip it and extract GeoLite2-Country.mmdb into parent folder.
  • Run node attestation.js first time to generate keys.
  • Configure admin_email, from_email, salt and webPort values in new conf.json file (desktopApp.getAppDataDir() folder). Read more about other configuration options there.
  • Run node db_import.js to import db.sql into the database and appling database migrations.
  • Send bytes to == distribution address, which is displayed in logs, it is for rewards and referral bonuses.
  • Setup Nginx on webPort that you set.
  • Run node attestation.js again.


  • Run cp .env.testnet .env to connect to TESTNET hub. Delete and import the database again if you already ran it on MAINNET.
  • Change bLight value to true in conf.json file, so you would not need to wait for long syncing.
  • Change socksHost and socksPort values to null in conf.json file, if you are not using TOR.


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