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🧩 Also available as chrome extension

Star History the missing GitHub star history graph of GitHub repos.

Star History Chart

👆 this is a live chart with the following code:

[![Star History Chart](](

Sponsor is an open source, web-based database schema change and version control tool for teams.


  • Unique sketch xkcd feeling chart;
  • One-click generation of high-quality image for chart;
  • Support multiple chart view mode based on date or timeline;
  • Embed the real-time chart into GitHub readme or other websites (like the one we embed here on the top);
  • And various useful functions:
    • toggle repo visibility;
    • shortcut to input repo;
    • share on twitter quickly;
    • support input multiple repos;
    • ...wait for you finding out

🌠 Screenshots

Free chrome extension

🏗 Development

star-history is built with a modern tech stack: Vue + Vite + TailwindCSS.


Install dependencies

pnpm i

Start with your interest

  • Main website is the homepage of star-history with most of useful features and blogs about open source.

    pnpm dev

    The website will be served at http://localhost:3000.

  • Chrome extension supports the basic chart viewer as a free additional product.

    pnpm build:ext

    Load the built ./dist folder as unpacked project to chrome extensions page.

  • API server is an experimental feature. It's mainly used to generate chart SVG image file that can be embeded into GitHub readme.

    cd server
    pnpm i && pnpm dev

    The API server will be running on http://localhost:8080.