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This repository, created by the BYU Configurable Computing Lab, contains the pip install package for the Partially-Reconfigurable Input/Output (PRIO) Project on the PYNQ.

This project demonstrates the use of partial reconfiguration with the PYNQ platform. It contains demonstrations on the software API for downloading and managing partially-reconfigurable regions with the pynq package, as well as example hardware projects for the PYNQ-Z1, PYNQ-Z2 and the ZCU104 boards that implement partially reconfigurable regions.

Quick Start

In order to install it on your PYNQ, your PYNQ must be running the v2.4 image. The most up to date PYNQ images can be found here. See the Quickstart guide for details on writing the image to an SD card.

To install the PRIO project, run the following command from a terminal connected to your board:

sudo -H pip3 install git+

The pip install will install the prio package to your pynq board. A prio directory with example notebooks will be created in the ~/jupyter_notebooks directory. These examples will show you how to use partial reconfiguration with the PYNQ.

Board Files and Overlays

All board related files including Vivado projects, bitstreams, and example notebooks, can be found in the /boards folder.

In Linux, you can rebuild the overlay by running make in the corresponding overlay folder (e.g. /boards/Pynq-Z1/prio). In Windows, you need to source the appropriate tcl files in the corresponding overlay folder.

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