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There are 3 (or 4) parts to this:

  1. server/: Golang server that serves up a map of realtime events, broken out by geo. / serves the dashboard, and /events/* is a EventStream that comes from a Tumblr firehose consumer (or an haproxy log tailer) that is published into redis' pubsub mechanism, and consumed by each http server to stream to clients.

  2. firehose-agent/: Tumblr Firehose agent that pulls out Post info and pushes it into redis. Easy peasy.

  3. agent/: Ghetto haproxy log replayer or tailer that performs the geoip lookups for each remote IP and generates a event which is PUBLISHed into redis.

  4. Redis, to support PUBSUB from firehose to servers, and eventually stream out to the clients.

Run via Docker

A docker image is available. It includes the binaries to run the server, firehose-agent, and regular agent.

Run a redis instance

docker run -d --name redis -p 6379:6379 redis

Run Server

docker run -d --name tumblr-geo-map-server -p 8080:8080 byxorna/tumblr-geodash server -redis-host=<REDISHOST>:6379

Run the firehose consumer

docker run -d --name tumblr-geo-map-firehose byxorna/tumblr-geodash firehose-agent -redis-host=<REDISHOST>:6379 -host=<tumblrfirehoseendpoint:port> -username=user -password=pw -stream=clientid

Go to :8080 and click the Posts button.

Build and run the thing oldschool style

To build the agent, you will need libgeoip ( On OSX: sudo port install libgeoip. You will also need the GeoIPCity.dat database (pass to -geoip-db)

You need godep to build this.


Start up a redis instance (to support the pubsub mechanics)

docker run -d --name redis -p 6379:6379 redis

Run the webserver

cd public && ../server/server -redis-host= -listen=:8080

Open up localhost:8080

Run the firehose agent

./firehose-agent/firehose-agent -username gabe -password pwd -host -stream radiator -redis-host= -channel firehose

Run the ghetto log tailing agent

Run the agent to generate some geoevents from haproxy logs

./agent/agent -geoip-db geoip/GeoIPCity.dat -redis-host= -replay-log tmp/haproxy_16\:00-06172015.log -field 4

TopoJSON and OGR stuff

install gdal Install npm install topojson

convert from shapefile into GeoJSON: ogr2ogr -f GeoJSON subunits.json ne_50m_admin_0_map_subunits.shp

Grab populated places from and filter for only sufficiently populated places:

ogr2ogr -f GeoJSON -where 'SCALERANK < 8' places.json ne_50m_populated_places.shp

Merge the 2 geojson files into a topojson file:

-> $ node_modules/.bin/topojson -o geo.json --properties name=admin -p city=NAME -p country=ADM0NAME --id-property adm0_a3 -- subunits.json places.json 
bounds: -180 -90 180 83.59960937500006 (spherical)
pre-quantization: 40.0m (0.000360°) 19.3m (0.000174°)
topology: 2006 arcs, 80748 points
post-quantization: 4.003km (0.0360°) 1.931km (0.0174°)
prune: retained 2002 / 2006 arcs (100%)

Generate Godeps

godep save ./agent ./server


screenshot2 screenshot3


  • Need to test throughput of redis pubsub
  • How fast is the geoip lookup? Should it be in a goroutine?
  • set params.zoom whenever you zoom in
  • have circle show up on hover for cities?
  • add mode to show each post as a ping instead of bucketing them into hexbins