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Ideas and research questions

What’s better? A stream of brilliant ideas rotting in a shelf or one great idea living its own life beyond the author imagination and helping many other people? Have you ever considered what will remain after you pass away? I’ve thought a bit about those questions and guess what I realized.

Let's Share the Ideas With the World!

In this repository I'd like to describe and share various ideas for smaller or larger projects, research questions, etc. that I came across during the last few years. The topics are mainly software engineering, music analysis, signal processing, machine learning, etc.


Some of them might turn into products, research papers and it would seemingly make sense to keep them closed. However, I admit I don't have enough energy to work on all of them and the stream of ideas is constantly flowing. I fear more that no one would benefit from such ideas. So from this point of view it makes more sense to go open-source and publish anything.

So in invite everyone interested to collaborate. Eg. take an idea, turn it into a project and ping back a link via pull request. Comment via GH issues/pull requests. Or just say hello via Twitter (@bzamecnik).

Table of contents


Music Theory

Music processing

Digital signal processing

Audio processing (other than music)



Machine learning

Computational geometry

Software engineering


Natural language processing


Bushcraft & Survival