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Mirror of the Debian nagios-plugins-contrib package
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check_ajp Revert "Fix check_ajp to handle non-responding tcp ports."
check_backuppc check_backuppc: move backuppc to Suggests.
check_bgpstate Add check_bgpstate plugin
check_checksums Add missing " " around a filename variable in update_checksums.
check_clamav Fix watch line of check_clamav.
check_cups check_cups: Update Homepage
check_drbd check_drbd: Update Homepage and Watch header
check_email_delivery check_email_delivery: Add libnet-smtpauth-perl as Recommends for CRAM…
check_etc_hosts Add check_etc_hosts module from the sitesummary-client package.
check_etc_resolv Do not depend on perl-base.
check_graphite Remove 'read LICENSE ...' from check_graphite/copyright
check_haproxy Typo fix.
check_haproxy_stats Add check_haproxy_stats.
check_hp_bladechassis Add check_hp_bladechassis.
check_hpasm check_hpasm: Updating to latest
check_httpd_status check_httpd_status: Updating to rev153
check_ipmi_sensor check_ipmi_sensor: Update to version 3.9
check_ldap_root Add check_ldap_root module from the sitesummary-client package.
check_libs Add /[aio] to nagios-check-libs.conf
check_libvirt Add check_libvirt.
check_lm_sensors Better/fixed CLEANFILES target handling.
check_memcached Fixing pthread linking fail for check_memcached.
check_memory check_memory: Update to version 1.0.1
check_mongodb check_mongo: Update to recent version
check_multipath Update check-multipath to 0.2.1
check_mysql_health check_mysql_health: Updating to
check_nfsmounts Add Recommends for check_nfsmounts.
check_printer Updating check_printer.
check_raid check_raid: Update to 3.2.4
check_rbl check_rbl: Updating to 1.3.7
check_redis Install check_redis pnp4nagios template
check_shutdown Add check_shutdown module from the sitesummary-client package.
check_smstools Add check_smstools.
check_snmp_environment shorter check_snmp_environment desc
check_snmp_time check_snmp_time: Preventing to use first person in package description
check_ssl_cert check_ssl_cert: Update to 1.17.1
check_uptime check_uptime: Update check_uptime.cfg to use the correct script (Clos…
check_v46 Add check_v46
check_varnish do not build check_varnish and check_memcached on hurd-i386
check_webinject Update Version in check_webinject/control
check_whois check_whois: Updating to 1.16
check_zone_auth Add check_zone_auth plugin.
check_zone_rrsig_expiration check_zone_rrsig_expiration: Updateing to 1.11
debian Updating control file
dsa Remove duplicate check_apt.cmd file.
extras implement git clean support in extras/Makefile
percona-nagios-plugins percona-nagios-plugins: Fixing FSF address
.gitignore Ignore .rej and .orig files.
.travis.yml install equivs in .travis.yml
Makefile Add Makefile.
README Link debian/README.source to README for github fancyness. Using TAB instead of white spaces


nagios-plugins-contrib - Plugins for nagios compatible monitoring systems

This README.source should give a short instruction about the
way the pkg-nagios-plugins-contrib repository is structured
and defines basic policies.

* build-system: git-buildpackage. As we build a Debian native
  package pristine-tar is not necessary.

* debian/changelog:
  - preferable generated using git-dch
  - versioning schema: X.$(date '+%Y%m%d'). X will be
    increased by one with each release. In case there are
    bugfixes in stable releases necessary, use
    X.$(date '+%Y%m%d').Y
    for details.

* debian/, debian/
  Base files we fill automatically with information from
  all plugins to generate the full files.
  This is done in the clean target.
  DO NOT MODIFY debian/control or debian/copyright!

* nagios plugins:
  - one directory per plugin
  - required files:
    * $plugin/control: file format similar to debian/control.
      - Required is the Description and Uploaders part.
        Add Build-Depends, Recommends, Suggests
        and Homepage to have their content added to debian/control/
        debian/copyright. Don't use Depends as we don't want to force
        people to install dependencies for a plugin they might not
        want to use.
      - Add Version to be able to track an upstream version of
        the plugin.
      - Add Watch to check for new versions using
        Watch URL python-regex
        Watch URL SHA1:sha1sum
      - Don't add empty lines - only the first paragraph will be
    * $plugin/copyright: copyright information for the files
      in $plugin. Will be added to debian/copyright
      automatically, properly indented and with a header which
      describes that the coming block is for the files in $plugin.
      ** DEP-5 IS NOT SUPPORTED **
  - what you should have:
    Currently there are two options on how to build and install
    * you have a single script or file or need some hand-made
      build system anyway:
      add $plugin/Makefile and implement the all / install / clean
      targets. include ../ is there for common tasks.
      If $plugin/Makefile exists the way described below *will not*
      be built.
    * your plugin comes with a fancy build system already:
      extract the source in $plugin and let a symlink called 'src'
      point to the subdirectory of $plugin.
      If dh_auto_* is not able to build the plugin, please use
      the Makefile way as described above.
    Please ensure that a proper .cfg file will be installed.

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