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Process transactions from Lufthansa Mile&More credit cards as downloaded from their clients portal as CSV files, generate extra transactions reflecting foreign use surcharges, and import everything into the MonKey Office accounting software.

Why does this project exist?

The Mile&More transaction statement informs about foreign use surcharges in additional columns. Effectively this gives you two transactions in one line: the actual purchase, and the foreign use surcharge. MonKey Office will however only import a single transaction per line. Hence, the CSV files downloaded from Miles&More are not directly usable with MonKey Office.

Update April 2018: DKB have introduced an all new CSV format, which provides the foreign use surcharges as separate transactions already; hence they don't need to be generated for the 2018 format. The scripts have been updated to convert the 2018 format data into a format that can be imported into MonKey Office. The AWK script auto-recognises the input format and behaves accordingly. Effectively this means you can keep your workflow unchanged, and will still be able to process DKB's CSV files, regardless when you downloaded them, and including the new 2018 format.

How does it work?

The AWK script LH_split parses the CSV file from the Miles&More website, splits transactions subject to foreign use surcharge (hence the name), and inserts extra transactions reflecting those extra charges. It is capable of processing the pre-2015 transaction format, the 2015 transaction format which adds a new column indicating AidA transactions, the 2017 transaction format which adds a new first column containing a pseudonymized form of the credit card number used for the purchase, and the 2018 format introduced along with the DKB system upgrade. In the output, the AidA and credit card number columns (if and when present) are removed for compatibility with the MonKey Office import definition. You can either run the AWK script manually, or as part of your own shell script. Simply redirect its output to a new file, and ignore stderr.

The MonKey Office import definition parses the pre-2015 CSV format from Miles&More, and the output of the LH-split awk script. To use it, add a new bank statement import definition in MonKey Office, give it a calling name, and use the contents of the text file in this repo as the import script. As a further consistency check, the import script compares the Miles&More member number found in the transaction records with what you have set as the bank account number of the account in MonKey Office. Further details in the MonKey Office manuals.

Update April 2018: Since the Miles&More member number is absent from the 2018 format, it is no longer possible to provide it in the output of the LH-split awk script. The MonKey Office import definition has hence been updated to compare the Miles&More member number against bank account number of the account in MonKey Office only if and when the Miles&More member number is present in the file to import.

How do I install it?

Call the AWK script manually, redirecting stdout to a new file, and import that new file as a bank account statement in MonKey Office.

AppleScript automation does unfortunately not seem possible, since I am not aware of any AppleScript support in MonKey Office.

How do I contribute?

Fork this project, make some changes and submit a pull request. Check the issues tab for inspiration on what to fix. Please make sure your fork is the latest development version!

If you find any issues or have a feature request please contribute by submitting an issue here on Github!

Who did make this app?

Change log

2019-04-11 - v1.2

  • DKB upgraded their systems, resulting in a new website design, and an all new CSV export format (c-alpha)

2017-07-10 - v1.1

  • DKB added a new first column to their export format as of July 2017 (c-alpha)

2015-02-20 - v1.0


auto-generate transactions for foreign use surcharges from Lufthansa Miles&More credit card statements, and import into MonKey Office



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