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Genesys RPG Package Documentation

This is a LaTeX package to typeset documents in the format of the Genesys RPG published by Fantasy Flight Games.


If you don't have LaTeX installed, please do so first.

Then you need to clone the repo in your \texmf directory. If you haven't used a non-TeX Live package before, you'll have to create the directory.

If you don't know how to use LaTeX, I would suggest reading up on it on either WikiBooks or Share LaTeX.


There are two font families in the /lib/fonts directory that this package uses. Bebas is the title font, whereas Crimson is the closest free font to Minion Pro. If you have Minion Pro, just add \setmainfont{Minion Pro} in the preamble of your document.

Using the Package & Options

In order to make use of this package you need to add \usepackage{Genesys} in your preamble.

Right now there is only one option, [background], that adds the background image. By default it's hidden.

Package Commands

The Genesys.sty package provides the following commands to make typesetting Genesys documents easier. Note that each of the Genesys commands are CamelCase starting with a capital letter.

Dice & Symbols

Each die has its own command:

  • \BoostDie
  • \AbilityDie
  • \ProficienyDie
  • \SetbackDie
  • \DifficultyDie
  • \ChallengeDie

In addition, each symbol has its own command:

  • \Advantage
  • \Success
  • \Triumph
  • \Threat
  • \Failure
  • \Despair

Stat Blocks

The following commands have been included to make NPC stat blocks easier. Note that they are not designed for character sheets, as they are sized for one column on a letter size piece of paper.

  • \Characteristics requires 6 arguments, one for each characteristic
  • \Derived creates the single-item derived boxes (wounds, soak, etc) and has two arguments; the first is the text while the second is the number
  • \DerivedSplit is similar, but calls for 5 arguments:
    1. The box title
    2. Left box content
    3. Right box content
    4. Left box subtitle
    5. Right box subtitle

Genesys Tables

The \begin{GenesysTable} requires one argument: the table setup, using the tabu package. It sets the fonts and the header row background color. After the first row be sure to use the \RowColors command to get the alternating white/blue colors for the table rows.


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LaTeX package for the Genesys RPG by Fantasy Flight Games



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