phoenix.vim: rails.vim inspired tools for Phoenix
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phoenix.vim is a plugin inspired by rails.vim, aiming to offer the same features (eventually).

phoenix.vim supports:

Feature Description
Projectionist Navigation Navigation using Projectionist - :Emodel and friends
Jumps Use the word under the cursor to jump to files with gf. For example, in an Ecto model: has_many :users, with the cursor on users, gf brings you to web/models/user.ex
Generators Run Phoenix generators from within vim :Pgenerate model Foo foos bar:string
Server :Pserver runs mix phoenix.server - in a term for Neovim users or with dispatch for Vim users
Preview :Ppreview endpoints in your browser

Check out the documentation :h phoenix for the full list of features!


Use your favourite plugin manager, here we use vim-plug

As this plugin relies on Projectionist, you will need to install it too.

Plug 'c-brenn/phoenix.vim'
Plug 'tpope/vim-projectionist' " required for some navigation features

Make sure to have this plugin before projectionist in your vimrc.


Check out :h phoenix to find out more.

More Features To Come

The plan is to try and get feature parity with rails.vim eventually. For now, the focus is on improving the navigation commands.


If you run into any bugs, open an issue in the tracker