BadfingerD is a simple dæmon that responds to a connection by running a script and returning the output.
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BadfingerD is a simple dæmon that responds to a TCP connection by running a shell command and returning the output.

BadfingerD listens for a TCP connection (on port 79 by default). When it receives a connection, it ignores any input sent by the client. Instead, it executes a shell command and redirects the output back over the TCP connection. It can be useful for querying in-home devices such as file servers, re-flashed access points, or such-like.

BadfingerD has been tested on a variety of Linux systems. It should be portable to lots of other platforms as well, though it may need some minor fiddlement.

To compile (on Linux):

cc -o badfingerd badfingerd.c

For help:

badfingerd -h

That's all there is to it.