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= GOAL =

The webshot NSE script allow you to automatically take screenshot when discovering web services.
It also automatically do some little dirbusting basics.

_NO_ X Server is required : Yes, it works in command line, thanks PhantomJS.

This is the first release, please give me some feedback to improve it.

= Setup =

1. Install fontconfig if it's not already installed (distro dependant)
2. Copy the NSE script (webshot.nse) to your nmap script directory ( /usr/share/nmap/scripts/ )
3. Install PhantomJS with the provided screenshot.js (see below)
4. Edit globals in the .nse to fit your needs (required only if you change PATH and/or directory to tests)
5. Update the nmap nse database (nmap --script-updatedb)
6. Smile for the picture :-P

= Requierments / Credits =


Original screenshot.js 
	This nse script use a modified version, see below.


= Detailled Install =
All steps are done as root.

	# cd /opt
	# wget http://phantomjs.googlecode.com/files/phantomjs-1.6.0-linux-i686-dynamic.tar.bz2
	# tar xjpf phantomjs-1.6.0-linux-i686-dynamic.tar.bz2 

	# mkdir -p /opt/nmap-webshot/png
	# Then download the screenshot.js from my github and put it in /opt/nmap-webshot

	# cp filelist.log /opt/nmap-webshot/filelist.log

# nmap --script webshot -T5 -PN -p 80,443
# nmap --script webshot --script-args dirguess=no -p 80,443
# nmap --script webshot --script-args skiperr=yes -p 80,443
# nmap --script webshot --script-args dirguess=no,skiperr=yes -p 80,443
# nmap --script webshot --script-args list=/opt/nmap-webshot/filelist.log -p 80,443

See webshot.nse sources for options documentation.

= WHO =

Developped by @_CLX for fun and nothing !
screenshot.js modified by @DrM_fr