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c172p (detailed)

A high detailed version of the Cessna 172P aircraft for FlightGear.

Development thread:

Creating a release: see the wiki page "Release process and versioning" how to do a release.

Cessna 172P

For the repository containing the texture files for the liveries and instruments (including their .xcf files), visit:

This aircraft was modified and updated in a joint effort by the following people:

  • onox: programming, bug tracking, general organisation, git knowledge

  • ludomotico: programming, 3D modeling, bug tracking, general organisation

  • Gilberto Agostinho (gsagostinho): textures, sounds, bug tracking, testing, programming

  • Fernando Barbosa (thevirtualfer): 3D modeling and textures

  • Wayne Bragg (wlbragg): effects - damage, rain/fog/ice, internal/external shadows, bushkit (Special thanks to Thorsten Renk for all the work involved in giving us the base for these effects)

  • Daniel Dubreuil (Dany93): [FDM] stall and spin + a few improvements, in-flight damages on wings, fuel float chamber

  • Jonathan Redpath (legoboyvdlp): bug tracking, testing, programming

  • Tuomas Kuosmanen (tigert): Reference photos of the aircraft and of the OH-CTL livery. Feedback and testing of the Aircraft Systems and operation

  • Anders Gidenstam (AndersG): Hydrodynamics for the pontoon/float and amphibious variants

  • Waldo Kitty (wkitty42): bug hunting/reporting

  • Jonathan Schellhase (dg-505): 3D modeling, exhaust smoke, checklists

  • Horacio: interior textures

  • D-ECHO: 3D model of pitot tube + cover

  • Jarl Arntzen (jarlarntzen): Interior shadow and reflection cubes