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LPWAN Server (lpwanserver)

The LPWAN Server is the backend CableLabs' LPWAN Server project. It is a Node.js REST server that sits above a set of LPWANs that may employ differing LPWAN technologies and may be owned by one or more LPWAN operators. The LPWAN Server provides a unified interface across LPWAN technologies and/or operators as a single interface to Low Power WAN (LPWAN) application vendors. It collects the data generated by the devices, and forwards that data to a server for the application.

Web Client

The official LPWAN Server web client is maintained in the lpwanserver-web-client repository.

Getting started

You'll probably want to start by reading the LPWAN Server Overview.

The easiest way to run LPWAN Server is to follow the Getting Started guide.

For development and customization, refer to the install documentation.


Documentation website

LPWAN Server uses Docusaurus for documentation. The docs folder contains the content of the documentation. The branch website also contains the docs folder, along with the documentation website code. The website is built and committed to the gh-pages branch to be published at The instructions for updating and publishing the website are in the README of the website branch.


LPWAN Server was originally built by CableLabs, but we could use your help! Check out our contributing guidelines to get started.



Other important stuff

We use an Apache 2.0 License for LPWAN Server.

Questions? Just send us an email at or join the conversation on the forum.