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Neeasade's (stolen) dotfiles

This is a spinoff of Neeasade's dotfiles, tweaked to my own liking. His actual dots may be found here


  • WM - bspwm
  • Panel - lemonbar with xft support, from the lemonbar-xft-git aur package
  • term emulator - termite, for it's live reload of configuration feature.
  • Multiple themes are used here(see below)
  • GTK theme - FlatStudioDark/Dorian-Slate/zenburn
  • font - Dejavu Sans Mono/Droid Sans/Terminus

Workflow webm ##Screenshots ###chalk chalk chalk_clean

###jellybean jellybean jellybean_clean

###lynn lynn lynn_clean

###material material material_clean

###pyonium pyonium pyonium_clean

###twilight twilight twilight_clean

###zenburn zenburn zenburn_clean


Launch Chromium:

super + o

Launch dmenu

super + space

Launch Termite

super + enter

Move Window

super + shift + hjkl

Move Focus

super + hjkl

Close Window

super + w

Preset Direction?

super + ctrl + hjkl

Rotate Desktop

super + ;

Cycle through Windows

Alt + Tab

Monocle Mode

super + t # with two windows open

##Multihead 5 desktops are made per monitor, and super + # will focus on that desktop for the current monitor. A panel is created per desktop, with workspace status for that monitor. Additionally, the title on a monitor is for the last active window on a desktop, as determined by a change in bspc window focus history. This behavior can be changed in the script. Windows can be moved across monitors and workspaces in an i3-like fashion, see this post for more details.

##Tabbing One feature of this setup is a 'tabbed' display in bar when a desktop is in monocle mode. The active window title is highlighted and the other window titles are clickable on the bar to focus them, though you may also cycle through them with the appropriate key combination. This idea came after a user complained about no i3-like tab mode in bspwm in a thread discussing bspwm's flexibility. Optionally, desktops may always be 'tabbed', resulting lemonbar will show titles of all programs in a desktop view. This is only toggled by watching bspwm's window history, so title mode will only change on a change of window focus, sadly.

##Themes This setup bases most all it's settings on a theme file, ~/.bspwm_theme. It is set up to allow multiple themes with different files that get symlinked to that location. I use termite to transition through configs on the fly, as seen in the workflow webm.

##Dependencies Most programs used here are located in the depends.txt file. You could install them all at once with something like:

for i in $(cat depends.txt); do <your package manager install command here> $i; done

This list has only been tested with Arch Linux and there are a number of packages that live in the AUR. There is a script at the top level named - this will populate any git submodules(eg for vim/tmux/other package managers) and also install everything in the depends.txt files(assumes yaourt).

##Management Excluding the root folder, all of these files are meant to be symlinked to a users home folder, most likely stored in something like ~/.dotfiles. I deploy these with GNU stow:

stow $(ls */ -d | grep -v root)

If there are any conflicts, files will not be symlinked and you will be told about conflicts. The following shows conflicts parsed out of stows output:

stow -n $(ls */ -d | grep -v root) 2>&1 | grep -oE ":.+" | cut -c3-

##I want this on my computer and I run Arch Linux. Cool, assuming you have git and yaourt, run the following.

git clone ~/.dotfiles_neeasade && ~/.dotfiles_neeasade/

I take no responsibility for what happens when you do this. Any conflicting files will be moved to ~/dotfile_conflicts


  • Initial information(and still some) displayed in the bar is from z3bra's example
  • the compton setting is modified from dkeg's config


  • Build a better tmux statusline (powerline/airline)
  • Configure more vim hotkeys
  • Fix Termite copypasta settings
  • Add album art to the MPD widget


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