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Fun with ScriptCraft & L-systems

To Install:

  1. Create a new folder in CraftBukkit/js-plugins called lsystems.
  2. Download scriptcraft-lsystems and place all the JS files into the directory you just created.
  3. Start up your Bukkit server or if it is already running use the reload command to reload plugins and correspondingly your updated JS files.


  1. The L-systems JS files are uploaded when the plugin is uploaded so to start creating L-system structures simply type:

/js tree()


/js fun()

to create default structures.


The real fun begins when you start experimenting with different blocks, sizes, and generations. Both the tree and fun class accept three arguments:

/js tree(blockID,size,generations)

For example,

/js tree(17,200,15)

will create a tree made of oak blocks that is 200 blocks in size using 15 generations.

/js fun(10,50,4)

will create a lava fractal 50 blocks in size using 4 generations. You can find a complete list of Minecraft block IDs at MinecraftInfo.


Be careful with the size and generations parameters--the bigger those values are the more computationally intensive the structures become to generate.


Have fun and send any cool L-system scripts my way!