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##About Ionic-Ecommerce is a project using the Ionic Framework and AngularJS to make a mobile frontend to an ecommerce store. It can be deployed as a mobile site for an ecommerce store, or built into native iOS and Android apps which will access the products, account, login, logout, cart, and checkout functions of the ecommerce site.

Check out a demo here: The Spree server providing the backend api is at and its repo is at

##Libraries & Frameworks

  • Ruby on Rails
  • Spree Ecommerce
  • Angular
  • Ionic



You need to have the following items installed and working in order to use this project. Their installation is beyond the scope of this document.

  • Git
  • Ruby
  • Node/NPM

###Backend Run the following commands to install the backend server:

git clone
cd ionic-ecommerce-server
bundle install
spree install -A
rake db:migrate
rails server

###Frontend Run the following commands to install the frontend:

git clone
cd ionic-ecommerce
npm install --save
bower install --save

Change the file ionic-ecommerce/www/js/constants.js to reflect your local environment.

Last, run the following command to show you a webpage simulating an iOS device running this app:

ionic serve -l

Or you can also emulate the app running on iOS if you have Xcode installed:

ionic emulate ios


Future Direction