Public facing website to share information about projects that can be replicated/scaled, along with who's doing what.
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CA Civic Lab

CA Civic Lab is a platform for organizing open data and civic technology projects that can be replicated and scaled throughout California.

Who We Are

We're a coalition of Code for America brigades, journalists, reform groups, and public officials improving California governance by making civic information more open and accessible. If you're interested in contributing to CA Civic Lab, please open an issue to let us know who you are and how you want to help.


We're currently working on two projects:

  1. Creating an inventory of state agency open data practices.
  2. Expanding OpenDisclosure to serve more municipalities throughout the state. OpenDisclosure shows local campaign finance information so voters and community watchdogs can better understand the flow of local political money.

Note that each of these folders has a README that explains the purpose of the content.

How You Can Help

Pull requests welcome! We just ask that you follow a few guidelines:

  • This repo is for creating and updating pages on the website.
  • To create or update a page within this repo, please create a new branch.
  • Each folder that contains a page should have a README to help potential collaborators understand how they might contribute.
  • Each folder should contain its own stylesheets, scripts, and other assets.
  • Don't want to create a page on the website? Use the Wiki instead.
  • To create a new project, simply create a new repo. For example, while the OpenDisclosure page contains information about OpenDisclosure, the ETL content should be a separate project that is linked the OpenDisclosure page.

Questions? Open an issue.


To keep everyone in the loop, please use GitHub issues to discuss things whenever possible.


This site is built using jekyll. Once installed, you can work on the site locally with:

$ bundle install
$ bundle exec jekyll serve

And open your browser to http://localhost:4000/.