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#Athiti Font

Athiti means The Sun.

Athiti is a Sans Latin & Loopless Thai typeface which its humanist style leaves a touch of writing tool and writing method in letters. Curvatures outside and angled counters create contrast which distribute feelings of strength and softness in the same time. Athiti can be used as a mixture of formal and informal content for example in an educational work, especially under all historical topics such as historical books, websites. Under the same area Athiti can be used in the historical places such as an instruction or flyers for museums etc.

A similarity between some glyphs such as [ก ถ ภ ฤ ฦ] [ฎ ฏ] [บ ป] [ข ช] is something to take into consideration because it might lead to confusion if each glyph is not clear enough.

There is a specific approach on how to deal with thick and thin stroke for Thai glyphs. In order to develop Thai fonts, it is encouraged to take this font as an example for such method and other developments.

Informal loopless Thai typefaces have slightly simplified details, as compared to formal one, so this allows designers to extend the font to black weight and more in some cases.

Sizes and positions of vowels and tone marks need to be managed carefully because they are all relevant to readability, legibility, and overall textures.

Also, in this case, ink trapping is required when connecting two specific strokes of each glyph and it has to be done carefully.

Ttfautohint supports Thai hinting process efficiently. It is an easy-to-use tool that is highly recommended. For more information, visit

Glyphs files (.glyphs) in the source folder can be opened in Glyphs program for further development. Font files (.ttf and .otf) in the fonts folder are compatible with Window, MacOS, and Linux system.

Athiti project is led by Cadson Demak, a type foundry in Thailand. To contribute, see


Athiti is a Thai + Latin informal sans font







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