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A better Lorem Ipsum generator for Ruby
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Welcome to BetterLorem -- a better way to generate the famous Lorem Ipsum text for your applications. Every call to BetterLorem will generate a new transcript based on your parameters -- no two are the same. BetterLorem also includes a new latin transcript instead of the typlical Lorem Ipsum text.

This gem works great as a view helper, a lazy attribute for FactoryGirl -- really anywhere you need to call it.

Getting Started

All you need to do is install the Gem:

gem install betterlorem

BetterLorem will produce a transcript surrounded with HTML p tags. Use the plain_text parameter to switch it off.


BetterLorem.c ( <Number>, <Plain Text>, <Exclude Trailing Period> )  # <- Generate characters
BetterLorem.w ( <Number>, <Plain Text>, <Exclude Trailing Period> )  # <- Generate words
BetterLorem.p ( <Number>, <Plain Text>, <Exclude Trailing Period> )  # <- Generate paragraphs

# Number -     (Optional) Integer - Number of Characters, Words, or Paragraphs to generate.  Defaults to 100 characters, 20 words, or 3 paragraphs.
# Plain Text - (Optional) Boolean - Exclude the HTML <p></p> tags from the return.  Only includes the Line Ending.
# Exclude Trailing Period - (Optional) Boolean - Excludes the trailing period from the sentence.  This has no effect on the Character method (BetterLorem.c).


BetterLorem.w                  # -> Generate and return 20 words
BetterLorem.p(10, true, true ) # -> Generate and return 10 paragraphs, in plain text (no HTML tags), excluding the trailing period.
BetterLorem.c(100)             # -> Generate and return 100 characters and includes HTML (p tags).

Documentation / Support

Not much -- it's pretty simple.

Be sure to check out the Wiki for updates. If you have a patch, be sure to submit it!


All work is copyrighted by State Digital, LLC under the MIT License:

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