A Sublime Text 2 theme to match the native OS X AppKit and ProKit themes.
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Aqua Theme

This theme is an evolving attempt to make Sublime Text 2 visually feel more native on OS X. It comes in a dark (ProKit) and light (AppKit) variation. The theme began as a fork of the Soda Theme.







The best way to install the Aqua theme is through Package Control.

If you do not wish to use Package Control, clone this repository directly into the Packages directory in the Sublime Text 2 application settings area (~/Library/Application Support/Sublime Text 2/Packages on OS X). The git clone command would be as follows:

git clone https://github.com/cafarm/aqua-theme.git "Theme - Aqua"

Activating the theme

To configure Sublime Text 2 to use the theme:

  • For Sublime Text 2 (Build 2174) and later - Open your User Settings Preferences file Sublime Text 2 -> Preferences -> Settings - User. For earlier builds - Open your User Global Settings Preferences file Sublime Text 2 -> Preferences -> Global Settings - User
  • Add (or update) your theme entry to be "theme": "AppKit.sublime-theme" or "theme": "ProKit.sublime-theme"

Example User Settings

    "theme": "AppKit.sublime-theme"

You will have to restart Sublime for the theme to take full effect.

Bonus Options

Syntax Highlighting Color Schemes

The Aqua theme includes four of the best color schemes available (two light, two dark). Each color scheme has been modified from its original version to work well with Aqua. Color schemes are activated via Preferences -> Color Scheme -> Theme - Aqua in Sublime Text 2.

Espresso Aqua (original)

espresso aqua

Tomorrow Aqua (original)

tomorrow aqua

Monokai Aqua (original)

monokai aqua

Tomorrow Night Aqua (original)

tomorrow night aqua

Fold [...] Image

Interested in an improved fold [...] image? In the current version of Sublime this image is hard-coded to the Theme - Default folder. Once you've installed Aqua, overwrite Packages/Theme - Default/fold.png with Packages/Theme - Aqua/AppKit/fold.png.



Based on Soda Theme by Ian Hill (http://buymeasoda.com/).

This theme contains some icons from the excellent Pictos series by Drew Wilson. Any use of these icons, other than for the purpose of the theme itself, would need to comply with Drew's icon licensing agreement.