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NWRUG IRC helper bot
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RugBot uses isaac, check out how you can use it here:

When you add a command please document it here and in the help|commands command in the bot itself.


Fork the repo on github, add your feature and send me a pull request. Also, ping wlll in #nwrug on


- help/commands

A list of available commands

- roll

Rolls a 6-sided dice and tells you the result

- nextmeet

The date of the next meetup

- artme <string>

Display the first image from a google image search for <string>. If <string> is 'random' a random word will be pulled from the linux dictionary.

- stab <nick>

Rugbot stabs the specified user

- seen <nick>

Tells you the last time we saw the user speak, if indeed we have.

- ram

Outputs the current ram usage of the bot.

- uptime

Outputs the current uptime of the bot.

- 37status

The status of 37signals stuffs (

- boobs


- meme

meme Y_U_NO something


- trollface


- dance

Caius dancing

- <twitter_user> last poop

outputs the user's last poopin status
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