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Atmospheric neutrinos, high mass neutrino floor & columnar recombination
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High mass neutrino floor, atmospheric neutrinos and columnar recombination

MIT Licence

This is still a work in progress getting this to be more user-friendly, so sorry about that. Please contact me at if you want to complain about why something doesn't work or if you want me to comment more thoroughly.


The code, plots, datas, etc. are sorted as follows:

  • data/ - various bits of required data
  • src/ - main body of the python code
  • src/like - profile likelihood code written in fortran. This is run via python but needs to be compiled first
  • notebooks/ - notebooks for plotting and going through the code
  • plots/ - plots get put here


The code is all written in python3 and makes substantial use of the standard numpy, matplotlib, scipy etc. I also use cmocean for some of the colormaps


This project is licensed under the MIT License - see the file for details

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