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Bookmarks [^]

A Burp Suite extension to bookmark requests for later, instead of those 100 unnamed repeater tabs you've got open.

Bookmarks works in both the Community (Free) and Professional versions.

You can find Bookmarks on the BApp Store.


  • Save requests to table
  • Repeat requests directly from the [^] tab (and save to table)
  • Highlight bookmarked requests in Proxy History
  • Send to Repeater with tabs labeled with response titles
  • Load highlighted requests from existing Proxy History
  • Search bookmarks
  • Tags
  • Comments


Install the Bookmarks Burp Suite Extension

BApp Store

Install Bookmarks from the BApp Store inside Burp Suite.

Download or build the extension

Option 1: Download release

You can find the latest release (JAR file) here.

Option 2: Build the extension

gradle build fatJar

Extension JAR will be located at: build/libs/bookmarks.jar

Load the extension

  1. Open Burp Suite
  2. Go to Extender tab
  3. Burp Extensions -> Add
  4. Load bookmarks.jar


Add bookmark

  1. Select and right click on request(s)
  2. Select add bookmark(s) [^]
  3. Requests will be added to the [^] tab.

Repeat requests

  1. Edit request (left)
  2. Click the Repeat Request button
  3. Response (right) will be updated

If the Add repeated request to table checkbox is checked, requests will be added to the table