Twerp is the telephone hackers toolkit. It's also a command-line app for Twilio, written in Python
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Twerp is the telephone hackers toolkit.

Twerp is also:

  • A command-line interface for the Twilio API
  • Your own Phone Company. From the command-line!
  • A tool that will revolutionize crank calling (only legal from California to the French parts of Canada. Note: IANALBISEEOC (I am not a lawyer but I've seen every episode of Cops).


  • Buy phone numbers from the command-line in the U.S., toll free and wherever Twilio sells them
  • Manage Twilio accounts: create new sub-accounts, list, rename accouts
  • Make phone calls from the command-line
  • Conrtol call flow from the command-line using stateless TwiML transactions (no web app necessary)
  • Command-line driven conference calls
  • Send and receive SMS text messages
  • Read your Twilio logs from the command-line
  • Modify the flow of calls or conferences in progress with a curses based comand-line interface
  • Do lots of stuff without going to your dashboard on the website


  • Plugin system based on Python entry_points
  • Plugin to launch Bottle web app and it!
  • Plugin for Phox Flask webapp
  • Create API for using alternate interfaces such as urwid to make complete SMS or phone app GUIs.
  • Make an entire website about what I could do with Twilio+Twerp.


pip install twerp

Configure twerp






Usage: twerp [options]

-h, --help show this help message and exit
--version Show twerp version and exit.
-v, --verbose Show more output stuff.
--debug Show debugging information.
-q, --quiet Show less output.
Common options:

These options can be used for both SMS and voice calls.

-c CALLERID, --callerid=CALLERID
 Phone number you are calling from or texting from.
-i, --interactive
 Go into interactive command-line mode after dialing (voice or conferences).
Voice call options:

Place phone calls, execute TWIML.

-d +12135551212,+14155551212, --dial=+12135551212,+14155551212
List of numbers to dial, comma-separated.
-y Say something., --say=Say something.
Use with --dial to say something.
-u URL of TWIML, --url=URL of TWIML
URL of TWIML to pass call with --call
-b +12135551212, --buy=+12135551212
Buy a specific phone number listed with -x or -a
-a AREA CODE, --area-code=AREA CODE
Search for phone number to purchase by area code. Use -b to purchase from these results.
-x CONTAINS, --contains=CONTAINS
 Search for phone number to purchase by numbers or letters it contains.
Conference (voice) options:

These options can be used for voice conference calls.

-f +12135551212,+14155551212, --conference=+12135551212,+14155551212
Start conference with list of numbers to dial, comma- separated.
-o ROOM, --room=ROOM
 Room to join for voice conference.
-e, --conferences
 Show conferences in-progress.
-p, --conference-participants
 Show participants for all conferences in-progress.
SMS options:

Send and reveive SMS text messages.

-m <TXT MSG>, --message=<TXT MSG>
 Send SMS text message
-s +12135551212,+14155551212, --sms=+12135551212,+14155551212
Send SMS text message to list of numbers.
-l, --list-sms Show incoming SMS messages.
Reporting options:

List your Twilio phone numbers and information about each.

-n, --notifications
 Show notifications from Twilio API (error messages and warnings).
-r, --numbers Show all my Twilio phone numbers. Use -Nv for detailed info on each number.
--sid=SID Show log for given SID

Twilio Application information.

--applications Show all my Twilio Applications.

Twilio account and sub-account management

 List all Twilio accounts and sub-accounts.
 Create sub-account named 'NAME'
 Rename account or sub-account using 'NAME'

Interactive Mode

The Prompt

The prompt will have part of the SID if a call is in progress:

twerp (CA3abc...) >>

If you hang up a call, for example, there will be no SID, so the prompt will look like this:

twerp (...) >>

Interactive Mode Commands

  • list - List all calls in progress, ringing or queued
  • hangup - Hang up call associated with SID shown in prompt
  • nuke - Hang up all calls associated with account. ALL OF THEM!
  • forward <nnnnnnnnnn> - Redirect current call to another phone number
  • url <URL> - Redirect flow of call to TwiML at a URL
  • info [<SID>] - Show info for current SID or SID given
  • sid <SID> - Change the current SID associated with interactive-mode


pip install twerp