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Potential Fix for LightHouse Ticket #3936

I believe I found a fix for this issue. I am here at #CakeFest2013 and during the #HourOfContribution I ran across this issue.

Currently in CakePHP 2.4 on Line 1522 - 1524 you can see the following code:

@@@ php
if ($label) {
	$optTitle = $this->Html->useTag('label', $tagName, '', $optTitle);

The $label variable here the is the $label array passed into the input method in Sethathi example above. The problem is that the $label array is completely ignored and instead a label is created using the HtmlHelper->useTag method.

I have what I believe is a fix for this issue but it hasn't been extensively tested. I tested against Sethathi example in the ticket and it produced the correct result.

The fix is simple. We detect if an array is passed in and then send it to the FormHelper label method instead of the HtmlHelper useTag method. The FormHelper label methods accepts an options array, so we pass in the $label array.

This will probably need to be fixed for checkbox also

"ask": helped me with this fix
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aread22 committed Sep 2, 2013
1 parent 5f4feb0 commit 64bb74a7e85e0e208a5cf2b95df6c7a97d977777
Showing with 6 additions and 1 deletion.
  1. +6 −1 lib/Cake/View/Helper/FormHelper.php
@@ -1520,8 +1520,13 @@ public function radio($fieldName, $options = array(), $attributes = array()) {
if ($label) {
$optTitle = $this->Html->useTag('label', $tagName, '', $optTitle);
if(is_array($label)) {
$optTitle = $this->label($tagName, $optTitle, $label);
$optTitle = $this->Html->useTag('label', $tagName, '', $optTitle);
if (is_array($between)) {
$optTitle .= array_shift($between);

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