Automated Functional testing for Android based on cucumber
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The test-server for Calabash-Android

Automated Functional testing for Android based on cucumber



  • Java 8.
  • Ruby 2.3.*; ruby > 2.4 is not supported.
  • Android build-tools and Android Platform (will be installed by gradle).
  • Android device/emulator and ADB for local testing.
$ git clone
$ cd calabash-android-server/server
$ ./gradlew clean assembleAndroidTest

The final server apk file can be found in calabash-android-server/server/app/build/outputs/apk/androidTest/debug/TestServer.apk folder.


Start Android device/emulator and make sure that device is visible via ADB before executing tests:

adb devices

Execute test runner:

$ cd server/integration-tests
$ ./


If you have issues with build:

  • Make sure that you have correct version of required dev tools/SDKs.

  • Verify environment variables on your machine.

If you have issues with installing/running test apk:

  • Make sure that device/emulator is visible via ADB.
  • Verify that Android Platform 24 is installed properly. If not, install this manually.
  • Enable ADB logs by modifying
# Disable "exit immediately" mode
# set -e

# ...

# Add this line to clear device logs
adb logcat -c

  cd calabash-test-suite
  SKIP_VERSION_CHECK=1 bundle exec calabash-android run \
    unittest.apk \
    --format pretty \
    --format junit --out test_report

# Add this line to receive device logs
adb logcat -d