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CinderBlock that wraps the Gloox v1.0.3 for use with Cinder v0.8.5
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CinderBlock that wraps the Gloox v1.0.3 for use with Cinder v0.8.5.


Wrapper classes include xmpp::Client and xmpp::Listener. The Client is designed for most simple use cases (chatting). The XMPP protocol also supports more advanced features like secure peer-to-peer file transfers. If one wants support for those things, the Listener can be used to expose complete access to the features of XMPP. Although, in this case one would have to interface with gloox datatypes.

Alternatively, if only support for XMPP chatting is reuqired the Client can be used. It owns an Listener instance and spawns a thread that the listener runs on to receive messages. It provides access to gloox constructs using C++11 STL datatypes only.

xmpp::Client Usage

void connected()
  std::cout << "connected" << std::endl;

void roster(const list<string>& roster)
  std::cout() << "roster size:" << roster.size() << std::endl;
  for (auto iter = roster.begin(); iter != roster.end(); iter++) {
    std::cout() << " user: " << *iter << std::endl;

xmpp::Client* client = new xmpp::Client();
client->getSignalRoster().connect(std::bind(&roster, std::_1));
client->connect("username", "password", "server");


Works on Mac platform Works on PC platform

  • static library is not included (too large)
  • compiling static library using VC10/VC11 is supported by Gloox library


Tested using ejabberd server implementation CinderBlock defintion does not include sample

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