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A quick and simple splashpage for launching a product idea and collecting emails

Check out the Breadbox Demo

Why Breadbox?

Breadbox is a super simple product splashpage. Breadbox is a great way to throw up a landing page, drive traffic, and capture interest and emails to test a market and validate an idea.

In it's base form, Breadbox is nothing more than a logo, product name, tagline, and email form. The page can be used as is, or easily be extended to include further information.

In the Wild

The landing page method of Breadbox has been tested with interesting results. Using the base form with a logo, product name, and intriguing tagline accompanied with dispersal to a target market, Breadbox has returned a 30% conversion rate in email signups.


Here is an example of using the Breadbox splashpage. Initially for my HelixPowered product I threw up a simple splash page, added a catchy tagline and posted to a relevant community (Designer News in this case). In less than 24 hours the site had just over 600 vistors and 197 email signups (so about a 30% conversion). While I know many people dislike product pages asking for emails with limited (or no) explanation or information, the thing is, it does work. And it's a good way to test and validate an idea before investing too much time and money on a product that may not have a solid market.

Haters gonna hate, so it's up to you whether you choose to use this method. What I did was use the intial splashpage, receive some email signups, send out an email, get some feedback, then when I had input on the product (and validatation) I built out an extended version of the landing/marketing page for HelixPowered. IMHO, this is a great early path to starting a new product.

Helix Powered Example

Another example of Breadbox in action, the splashpage for CourseMakers, an online teaching platform for designers and developers to build and sell digital classes.

CourseMakers Example

How to Use

  1. Clone, Download, or Fork Breadbox
  2. Change relevant site content in the index.html file
    • Logo
    • Site Title
    • Tagline (this needs to be short, sweet, relevant, and intriguing)
    • Favicon
    • Header Meta
    • Footer info
  3. Change any site styles, styles are built with Sass and Compass, so change variables in the style.scss file before making any code changes
    • Background Color
    • Font (be sure to link any CDN fonts in the site header)
    • Any other custom changes (check button text color, text color, etc)
  4. Add email newsletter info. I prefer and use MailChimp, so the email form skeleton is straight from MailChimp. Simply add your unique list code to the form action to properly setup the signup field.
  5. Add Google Analytics. Cause if there ain't analytics, then it didn't happen!
  6. Launch into the real world.

What Next?

Well, that's for you to decide. I hope Breadbox is a useful tool for you, or at least a jumping off point to assist in research. Feel free to log an issue or create a pull request or shoot me a tweet!


Copyright (c) 2015 Caleb Sylvest. See the LICENSE file for license rights and limitations (MIT).


🍞 A quick and simple splashpage for launching a product idea and collecting emails







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