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Used for grading Cal Hacks recruiting applications since Spring 2019.


To start, first clone the repository, install Node.js dependencies, and then:

  1. Create a directory fixtures/ in the project directory. Export the CSV of the application Google Form, and add it as applications.csv under fixtures/.
  2. Run npm run generatedb or yarn generatedb (equivalent) to generate a brand new grading database based on the new applications. Note that if there are any existing applications already in the database, you'll get a warning and nothing in the database will be altered.
  3. To run the app with Google OAuth for users, you'll need to set up Google Developer Credentials through their console. Cal Hacks already has credentials for RecruitBot -- please refer to the maintainer of this repository to get the credentials we use.
  4. You'll need to create a valid config.js before you can start the server -- there's a sample in config.sample.js, but with some parts missing. If you ask the maintainer of the repo (Linus @thesephist), you might be able to get the credentials.
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