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Redux app demonstrating isomorphic rendering and routing (with redux-devtools).
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Isomorphic Redux App

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This project serves as a simple boilerplate to start building an isomorphic rendering application in React and Redux.


  • Async server-side rendering
  • Hot reloading middleware
  • Redux DevTools and Logging
  • Redux Routing
  • Reddit API example
  • Counter example
  • Todo example
  • Static content example


  • React.js
  • React-router
  • Webpack
  • Express
  • Redux
  • Redux-DevTools
  • Babel

Development Installation

In the project's directory, run the following commands:

$ npm install
$ npm start

Then Visit


Releasing to Production

Production has Devtools, logging and hot reloading middleware removed and the scripts/css compressed.

In the project's directory, run the following commands:

$ npm run build
$ npm run start-prod

Then Visit


Run Test

npm test

Other Boilerplate code

Portfolio Redux App


App template was based on Lanyon Theme by mdo

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