Spring Boot Quartz Scheduler Example that schedules Emails to be sent at a later time.
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Spring Boot Quartz Scheduler Example: Building an Email Scheduling app

Complete Tutorial: https://www.callicoder.com/spring-boot-quartz-scheduler-email-scheduling-example/


  1. Java - 1.8.x

  2. Maven - 3.x.x

  3. MySQL - 5.x.x

Steps to Setup

1. Clone the application

git clone https://github.com/callicoder/spring-boot-mysql-rest-api-tutorial.git

2. Create MySQL database

create database quartz_demo

3. Change MySQL username and password as per your MySQL installation

open src/main/resources/application.properties, and change spring.datasource.username and spring.datasource.password properties as per your mysql installation

4. Setup Spring Mail

The project is using Gmail's SMTP server for sending emails. Whether you use Gmail or any other SMTP server, you'll need to configure the following mail properties accordingly -


If you're using Gmail, you need to allow the third party apps to send emails by following the instructions below -

5. Create Quartz Tables

The project stores all the scheduled Jobs in MySQL database. You'll need to create the tables that Quartz uses to store Jobs and other job-related data. Please create Quartz specific tables by executing the quartz_tables.sql script located inside src/main/resources directory.

mysql> source <PATH_TO_QUARTZ_TABLES.sql>

6. Build and run the app using maven

Finally, You can run the app by typing the following command from the root directory of the project -

mvn spring-boot:run

Scheduling an Email using the /scheduleEmail API

curl -i -H "Content-Type: application/json" -X POST \
-d '{"email":"callicoder@gmail.com","subject":"Things I wanna say to my Future self","body":"Dear Future me, <br><br> <b>Think Big And Don’t Listen To People Who Tell You It Can’t Be Done. Life’s Too Short To Think Small.</b> <br><br> Cheers, <br>Rajeev!","dateTime":"2018-09-04T16:15:00","timeZone":"Asia/Kolkata"}' \

# Output
{"success":true,"jobId":"0741eafc-0627-446f-9eaf-26f5d6b29ec2","jobGroup":"email-jobs","message":"Email Scheduled Successfully!"}