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[1.0] Release #6

merged 27 commits into from Jan 28, 2013


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jsoa commented Jan 18, 2013

This branch a WIP and is intended to be the next, and really, the first release of app-skeleton. Below is a list of some things we would like to do for this release.


  • ensure this app is also a package
  • cleanup skeleton code to be pep8 compliant
  • ensure the skeleton code works with django 1.4+
  • ensure the skel can be used with django's startapp command
  • choosing a different license per app creation (or have a default, see below)
  • update/revision of the documentation as part of the skeleton
  • local defaults
    • via some configuration file .djas?
    • specific default values for such things as author, license, default app dir, etc
    • perhaps defaults for django settings such as MIDDLEWARE or INSTALLED_APPS

Other possibilities

  • change the create_app to be a shell script rather then a python script

jsoa added some commits Jan 18, 2013

[1.0] Cleaned up the create_app script
- Nothing new yet, just made it easier to read
[1.0] Added some extra default code to variouse files
- models has some more imports
- template tags has the Library imported and assigned to register
- removed the `import *` from and urls
- views has some more `common` imports
[1.0] `startapp` compatibility changes
- Removed all `$$$$..$$$$` variables and replaced with with `{{..}}`
- Removed the same thing for file names and used `app_name` in its place
[1.0] Fixed up the `start_app` script
- Made the script utilize the `{{..}}` strcture that django `startapp` command uses
- Cleaified the inputs that may have been misleading
    - you are creating a `package` i.e. `django-package`
    - inside the package there is an app i.e. `package`
[1.0] Fied up the app name and venv inputs
- Both indicated they had defaults, but after hitting enter with no value it prompted for the value again. This was fixed

jsoa commented Jan 19, 2013

Should be noted, that even though this app is called "app skeleton", you are actually creating a "package", so the first question that was prompted was "Application Name" which really meant "Package Name". The second question you were prompted was "Package Name" which really meant "Application Name".

The questions were reversed with this branch, and here is the definitions to the terms as it relates to this app:

  • Package is the overall package name, the name used when installing. i.e. "pip install django-package"
  • Application is the name used when importing, i.e. "import package"

Before this branch the terms might of been misleading and when adapting the skeleton it self to be compatible with django-admin.py startapp --template=, it became clear that the terms were reversed.

The create_app.py script is planned to be renamed to create_pkg.py as to not cause any more confusion as to what your really creating, a reusable application package.

jsoa added some commits Jan 21, 2013

[1.0] Re-worked the create_app script
- most changes were to enhance readability
- virtual env is optional now
- config file usage updates

jsoa commented Jan 22, 2013


Using virtualenv is now optional

Config file .djas is now utilized, below are the possible options

  • author
  • author_email
  • destination_dir - where the pkg will be created
  • template_dir - where the skeleton template is located
  • use_venv - whether to use virtualenv or not, default is now n
    • Note: the file .djas is automatically created for you if it does not already exist. The first values supplied for the above options are set in the config file.

Re-worked the create_app script, mostly for readability (WIP)


jsoa commented Jan 25, 2013


@jsoa jsoa merged commit 0f54618 into master Jan 28, 2013

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