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Live validation for Django forms. It validates as you type. Uses scripts from
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Django Live Validation

Django Live Validation provides quick and easy client-side form validation which validates as you type. It uses the Live Validation JS library in conjunction with Django Forms. This is by no means a replacement to Django's built in form validation, but it is a suppliment which is purely client-side baed which cuts down on server-side requests for validation. This version of django-livevalidation requires Django >= 1.2, for previous versions please use this project:


Place 'livevalidaiton' into your INSTALLED_APPS and make sure it is above the Django admin since it overrides some of the admin templates:



To use livevalidation in your templates, make sure you load the headers first before doing anything:

{% include 'livevalidation/header.html' %}

This loads the JS library at js/livevalidation_standalone.compressed.js and the CSS at css/livevalidation.css. Feel free to tweak the CSS to your liking

Now you can use the templatetag to validate a form instance:

{% live_validate form [option=value ...] %}

Where the form is any django.forms.Form (or subclass) instance. The optional option=value kwargs are in pairs as follows:

  • validMessage - message to be used upon successful validation (DEFAULT: "Thankyou!")
  • onValid - javascript function name to execute when field passes validation
  • onInvalid - javascript function name to execute when field fails validation
  • insertAfterWhatNode - id of node to have the message inserted after (DEFAULT: the field that is being validated)
  • onlyOnBlur - whether you want it to validate as you type or only on blur (DEFAULT: False)
  • wait - the time you want it to pause from the last keystroke before it validates (milliseconds) (DEFAULT: 0)
  • onlyOnSubmit - if it is part of a form, whether you want it to validate it only when the form is submitted (DEFAULT: False)
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