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Releases: callum-hart/immutable-styles

Text styles, multiple classes + webpack-plugin improvements

04 Nov 20:48
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  • Add more elements to permitted text styles
    • <small>, <text>, <label>, <legend>, <svg>, <code>
  • Allow {N} number of multiple classes
  • Transform relative paths to absolute in webpack-plugin

Improved multiple classes and test coverage

24 Feb 21:11
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  • Improve usability of multiple classes (see issue #4). This change is backwards compatible, which means multiple classes can be separated with a query selector (for versions < 1.0.51) and with a space (for versions >= 1.0.51).
  • Test coverage for multiple classes
  • Test coverage for immutable mixins

Fixing modifier classes

11 Feb 18:55
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  • Fix generated CSS selector for modifier classes 🐛