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📦 ESBox

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ES.next in a box™

Zero-config REPL for experimenting with next-generation JavaScript.

It automatically compiles and re-runs your script every time you save. Think of it as a JSBin-like setup for your local editor and terminal – with full access to Node APIs and modules.


As well as for experimenting, ESBox may be useful in situations like workshops and screencasts – it makes it easy to do live code demos in ES2016 and beyond, without getting bogged down in build systems.


> npm install -g esbox


To run script.js in a box:

> esbox script.js

Every time you save the file, ESBox clears the terminal display and runs your script again. Any uncaught errors get pretty-printed for easy debugging.

For more options, see esbox --help.

Automatic Babel compilation

You can use any proposed ECMAScript features that Babel supports (stage-0 and above), including async/await, destructuring, rest/spread, etc.

Magic imports

You can import a number of popular npm packages without needing to install them first.

This includes lodash, bluebird, chalk, chai, express, request – and anything else listed under dependencies in ESBox's own package.json.

This is made possible by rewiring require() to use ESBox's own node_modules folder as an extra possible module source. (Locally installed modules relative to your script still take precedence if found.)

For example, a script like this just works in ESBox:

import cheerio from 'cheerio';
import fetch from 'isomorphic-fetch';
import { cyan } from 'chalk';

(async () => {
  const result = await fetch('https://www.nytimes.com');

  const $ = cheerio.load(await result.text());

  console.log('The New York Times headlines:');

  $('.story-heading').each((i, element) => {
    console.log(' ', cyan($(element).text().trim()));

Advanced: custom Babel config

By default, ESBox will use a Babel config that makes all stage-0+ features work. But ideally you could also bring your own config. Currently, Babel has a bug that means it won't respect .babelrc files. Until that's fixed, you can instruct ESBox to use a .babelrc file located next to your script, like this:

> esbox script.js --babelrc

Or you can specify a directory to look for a .babelrc file in, like this:

> esbox script.js --babelrc /path/to/dir

This feature is a stopgap to work around a Babel issue. It might only affect your entry file. It will probably be removed in future and .babelrc files will just work.


MIT © Callum Locke