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Convert Codemeta

Python utility for converting and validating codemeta.json files using the codemeta crosswalk

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This application copies some functionality of codemetar, but in python. It includes codemeta validation and crosswalk functions.


Clone from github

Type pip install .


Validate codemeta in a python script: validate_codemeta(codemeta)

Convert to codemeta in a python script by providing the input format: crosswalk(data, "")

Convert from codemeta to a different format in a python script by providing both formats: crosswalk(data, "codemeta", "Zenodo")

Run tests by typing pytest tests

Known issues and limitations

In active development

Getting help

Submit issues on GitHub, or send me a note at


Contributions are welcome! See Contributing for more details.


Software produced by the Caltech Library is Copyright (C) 2019, Caltech. This software is freely distributed under a BSD/MIT type license. Please see the LICENSE file for more information.

Authors and history

Tom Morrell


This work was funded by the Alfred P. Sloan Foundation as part of the 2019 Scientific Software Registry Collaboration Workshop. It is maintained by the California Institute of Technology Library.