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A NodeJS Dgraph client (created before the official Dgraph client was released). This library now uses the official Dgraph client, but remains mostly backwards compatible with the previous release (see migration notes below).

Install with:

npm install dgraph-node grpc


  • A more simple interface
  • Works with Dgraph v1.0.x
  • Supports transactions


import DgraphClient from 'dgraph-node'
// const DgraphClient = require('dgraph-node').default

// Create a new client (these are the defaults - no need to pass these!)
let client = new DgraphClient({
  url: ['localhost:9080'], // can provide multiple urls if you have a cluster
  debug: false,
  credentials: grpc.credentials.createInsecure()

// Set mutation
await client.mutate({
  set: '<_:bob> <name> "Bob" .'

// Delete mutation
await client.mutate({
  del: '<0x100> * * .',

// Query
await client.query(`
  query {
    q(func: uid(0xcceb)) {

// Transactions
const txn = client.txn() // Just setting up instance (no call to Dgraph)

// Same API as above on the txn instance
await txn.mutate({
  set: '<_:bob> <name> "Bob" .'


// Commit when you're done
// Dgraph will error if the transaction fails (due to another edit)
await txn.commit() // or txn.discard()



Creates a new instance of the Dgraph client.

options object properties

Property Default Description
url [localhost:9080] List of IP and port of Dgraph - can be an array of URL for a cluster setup.
debug false Add additional console logs
credentials grpc.credentials.createInsecure() Valid grpc.credentials. See gPRC docs

mutate (mutation, options)

Set or delete nodes from Dgraph. Mutation is an object with set and del properties. By default, it will commit changes immediately to Dgraph.


  • set - a NQuad string to set
  • del - a NQuad string to delete

options (set to true when not using a txn):

  • commitNow - commit immediately
  • ignoreConflict - ignore any conflicts

query (queryStr, vars)

Query the Dgraph DB.

alter (schema)

Update the schema.

  let client = new DgraphClient()

  client.alter(`name: string .`)

dropAll ()

Drop the entire Dgraph database. Removes all data (be careful!)

  let client = new DgraphClient()


txn ()

Locally creates a transaction with query(queryStr, vars), mutate(mutation, options), commit() and abort() methods. These methods function the same as above.

Migrating from < 0.1.9

  • dropAttr - have been removed as you can now use the alter()
  • startTs/linRead - you can no longer set these yourself, but you probably weren't doing that anyway

Running Tests

Start a Dgraph instance:

docker run -it -p 5080:5080 -p 6080:6080 -p 8080:8080 -p 9080:9080 -p 8000:8000 -p 8081:8081 dgraph/dgraph:v1.0.3 bash -c "dgraph -h & dgraph zero & dgraph server --memory_mb 2048 --zero localhost:5080 & dgraph-ratel"

Run (at project root):w yarn test

Inspired by:

Dgraph Client - https://github.com/reicheltp/dgraph-client