Jupyter Kernel for Matlab
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A Matlab kernel for Jupyter

Prerequisites: Install Jupyter Notebook and the Matlab engine for Python.

To install:

$ pip install matlab_kernel
# or `pip install git+https://github.com/Calysto/matlab_kernel`
# for the devel version.

To use it, run one of:

$ jupyter notebook
# In the notebook interface, select Matlab from the 'New' menu
$ jupyter qtconsole --kernel matlab
$ jupyter console --kernel matlab

To remove from kernel listings:

$ jupyter kernelspec remove matlab

Additional information:

The Matlab kernel is based on MetaKernel, which means it features a standard set of magics.

A sample notebook is available online.

A note about plotting. After each call to Matlab, we ask Matlab to save any open figures to image files whose format and resolution are defined using the %plot magic. The resulting image is shown inline in the notebook. You can use %plot native to raise normal Matlab windows instead.

Advanced Installation Notes:

We automatically install a Jupyter kernelspec when installing the python package. This location can be found using jupyter kernelspec list. If the default location is not desired, you can remove the directory for the octave kernel, and install using python -m matlab_kernel install. See python -m matlab_kernel install --help for available options.

It has been reported that Matlab version 2016b works fine. However, Matlab 2014b does not work with Python 3.5.