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  1. cnaps cnaps Public

    Code for: "Fast and Flexible Multi-Task Classification Using Conditional Neural Adaptive Processes" and "TaskNorm: Rethinking Batch Normalization for Meta-Learning"

    Python 156 22

  2. convcnp convcnp Public

    Implementation of the Convolutional Conditional Neural Process

    Jupyter Notebook 118 19

  3. DUN DUN Public

    Code for "Depth Uncertainty in Neural Networks" (

    Jupyter Notebook 71 11

  4. EinsumNetworks EinsumNetworks Public

    Python 49 19

  5. mphil-intro-module mphil-intro-module Public

    Jupyter notebooks on inference, regression and classification for MPhil students

    Jupyter Notebook 41 8

  6. weighted-retraining weighted-retraining Public

    Jupyter Notebook 36 12


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