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User script for a better experience when using Duolingo
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Duolingo Tree Enhancer

User script for a better experince when using Duolingo.

What does it do?

The follwing options are available:

  1. Keep per-tree settings for listening/speaking exercises.
  2. Make all the exercises listening exercises (hide the question).
  3. Read answers aloud.
  4. Hide clues (e.g pictures).
  5. Make Duo better for reverse trees.

Where does it work?

It works in Duolingo's website for desktop. It has been tested with Firefox and Chrome. It has been also tested on Android with Firefox+Violentmonkey using the "request desktop version" option.


  1. If haven't already, install the appropriate extension for your browser (restarting your browser afterwards if necessary):
  1. Click here to install the userscript.
  2. Confirm the installation when prompted.

DuolingoTreeEnhancer stopped working, HELP!

In September 2017, Duolingo implemented a new look for lessons on the website, and started deploying it slowly. If you are not in the group of users that are using the new website, the latest update won't work for you.

If that's your case, you can reinstall version 0.9.9. It won't auto-update anymore until the new site is deployed for all users. If you get the new design before that, just use the link in the Installation section again.

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