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Puppet module for configuring Gnome
Ruby Puppet
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Latest commit 1d7d333 @mcanevet mcanevet Release 0.1.10


Basic puppet-drive gnome configuration for user environments

gconf or gsettings?

GConf is the older Gnome configuration system (shipped `<= Ubuntu Lucid) and GSettings is the newer equivalent.

In current Gnome versions(11/2011), the migration of application between GConf and GSettings in progress, so both systems may be used depending on the application you want to configure.


The following example sets the user's Window Manager theme preference to be 'Ambiance'

gnome::gsettings { "wmpref":
  user => "user",
  schema => "org.gnome.desktop.wm.preferences",
  key => "theme",
  value => "Ambiance",
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