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Calendar Plus

Calendar+ is a WordPress calendar and events plugin developed by the team at CampusPress.

Calendar+ is specifically developed to be friendly for visitors using screen-readers and other assistive technologies. Calendar owners can import events from iCal and Google Calendar feeds and choose from multiple display options.

Site visitors can easily add events to their own Google Calendar, Outlook, or download an ical file.

More info

Calendar Plus uses several technologies to generate the CSS/JS bundles:

  • React for the Calendar shortcode
  • Sass for styling
  • Webpack to minimize and generate JS
  • npm to run tasks

Calendar Plus is built on Webpack. It generates 4 bundles:

  • admin.js
  • settings.js
  • editor-shortcode.js
  • calendar-plus.css with Foundation styles

Getting started

  1. Install Node.js
  2. Run npm install in plugin root folder. All node dependencies will be downloaded to node_modules
  3. Run composer install to install Composer packages in vendor
  4. Run npm run build to generate the production CSS and JavaScript
  5. Run npm run gulp to update translation files

React Calendar

The front-end calendar is a combination of React + ES6 JS structure. Everything begins with _src/calendar/react-calendar/index.js

React Calendar will get a calendarPlusi18n object that is generated in includes/shortcodes/class-calendar-plus-calendar-shortcode.php which contains everything needed to render the calendar.

React Calendar uses the React Big Calendar component.

Watching files

You can run npm run watch:front to begin watching Calendar files.

The bundle

All React/ES6 scripts are bundled into public/js/calendar-plus.js

Admin Scripts

Watching files

Run npm run watch:admin to watch JS files. These are:


wp-admin scripts are written Backbone

admin.js will require every js file the collections, misc, models and views directories.


Scripts for the admin Events > Settings screen.


Scripts for the Calendar Plus button in the WordPress visual editor.

The bundle

Every script is minified and bundled in:

admin/js/admin.js admin/js/editor-shortcode.js admin/js/settings.js

Webpack will do everything for you.


Webpack will also transform Sass to CSS and will bundle them in .css files.

Watching files

Run npm run watch:public to watch Sass files. These are:


The main styles for React Calendar


Styles for the Events By Category Shortcode

The bundle

Every stylesheet is minified and bundled in:

public/css/calendar-plus.css public/css/calendar-plus-events-by-cat-shortcode.css

Webpack will do everything for you.

Some notes about the bundles

Webpack just understands JS but webpack.calendar-plus.js uses a plugin that will allow Webpack understand Sass too. The process is the following one:

  • Process Sass and transform to CSS
  • Get that CSS and add it to a .js file and use eval() to add those styles to your website
  • Thanks to extract-text-webpack-plugin in Webpack, the plugin will get the eval() contents and will place them in a .css file which is loaded by Calendar Plus.
  • The .js file will be still there but is useless. These files are:

public/css/calendar-plus.js public/css/calendar-plus-events-by-cat-shortcode.js

Right now, they are included in the commits but do not worry about them.

Watch all bundles

Just run npm run watch and all bundles will be watched at the same time.


On Windows platforms it may be necessary to run npm install --global --production windows-build-tools before installing node modules.


Create, manage, and share your calendar and upcoming events.



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