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A flexible width, component based CSS layout system
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* StackLayout by Campbell McGuiness
* This work is licensed under
* Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 Australia License

StackLayout is a flexible width component based CSS layout
system. It is proposed as an alternative to the popular 
grid style layout systems.

StackLayout uses display:inline-block with negative letter spacing
in a fixed width font (Courier New) in order to achieve a 
floatless, gridless layout system, the components of which can 
be nested within each other to produce virtually any layout.

You can find out more about StackLayout and see examples of
implementation at:

You can follow the project on Twitter at:

You like our Facebook page here:

StackLayout is sponsored by:

Campbell McGuiness is a member of the team at:

You can contact Campbell via email:

This package contains:

mockups: sample implementation
README: the file you're currently reading
stacklayout.css: core StackLayout implementation
stacklayout_lte_ie7.css: IE specific fixes
test.css: css for sample implementation
test.html: sample implementation
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