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gittemplate Remove post-checkout hook
irssi Irssi trolling
local_examples Add some example .local dotfiles
mutt Use Pages to open MSWord files
nvim Add neovim runtime files
ssh Add gitolite server
vim Remove NeoBundle.lock from version control
zsh ZSH plugin update
.gitignore Ignore plug.vim.old
.gitmodules Add neovim runtime files Explain vim-plug setup
aprc Initial commit
bash_profile Move bash config to bashrc
bashrc Move bash config to bashrc
ctags Remove coffee language definition
curlrc Initial commit
cvsignore Initial commit
default-gems Remove pry-exception_explorer
editrc Initial commit
gemrc Initial commit
gitconfig Add diff --stat/shortstat aliases
githelpers Color merge commits in red
gvimrc Initial commit
hgrc Initial commit
hushlogin Add hushlogin
inputrc Initial commit
irbrc Don't complain about unavaible gems for prompts
msmtprc Use curl-ca-bundle SSL certs
muttrc Move to Trash instead of delete-message
notmuch-config Initial commit
nvimrc Fix runtimepath for neovim Initial commit
pentadactylrc Initial commit
pryrc Remove railsrc loading
psqlrc Add psqlrc
railsrc Don't complain about unavaible gems for prompts
screenrc Initial commit
setup Try out vim-plug instead of NeoBundle
thymerc Add thymerc
tmux.conf Disable status update
update Update Vim plugins, too
urlview Initial commit
vimrc Expand tabs in Markdown files
zlogin Initial commit
zlogout Initial commit
zshenv Set cdpath
zshrc Only set up nvm on OS X


Run the setup script. It will overwrite things in your home directory.

Running the update script goes through and pulls the submodules.

Set Up vim-plug

  • mkdir vim/autoload
  • wget -O vim/autoload/plug.vim


A lot of the ZSH stuff is pretty shamelessly ripped from prezto.

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