DEPRECATED - A simple HTTP measurement tool
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canaryd is a simple HTTP monitoring tool that watches a configurable set of URLs and emits measurement data via UDP to a configurable set of targets.

It is the basic building block of


$ go get
$ cd $GOPATH/src/
$ godep get
$ godep go build


sensord is configured via the environment. The following values are allowed:

  • CHECKS_URL - location of checks data, defaults to
  • TARGETS - comma separated list of host:port pairs to send measurements to
  • LOCATION - name of this location, defaults to 'undefined'
  • MEASURER_COUNT - number of measurers to run. Defaults to '1'
  • CHECK_PERIOD - delay between checks, in ms. Defaults to '1000' (1 second)

sensord allows operational metrics to be sent to Librato. You can enable this by configured the following environment variables:

  • LIBRATO_EMAIL - email address of your librato account
  • LIBRATO_TOKEN - token for your Librato account

If you'd like to log metrics to STDERR, you can do so by setting LOGSTDERR to '1'.

Usage Example

$ TARGETS=localhost:5000 godep go run sensord.go
2014/05/24 13:58:03 fn=udpPusher endpoint=localhost:5000