HOT Imagery requests coordination service
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HOT Imagery requests coordination service


Virtual machine configuration

  • download and import VirtualBox Appliance (
    • ubuntu 14.04 with postgresql9.3 and postgis2.1
    • username:password cit:cit
    • forwarded ports
      • ssh:2323
      • django:8000
  • personalize virtual machine environment, basically just copy your GitHub registered SSH key and git config file
    • scp -P 2323 .ssh/ cit@localhost:.ssh/
    • scp -P 2323 .ssh/id_rsa cit@localhost:.ssh/id_rsa
    • scp -P 2323 .gitconfig cit@localhost:.gitconfig
  • in hirc directory add your project fork remote: git remote add origin
    • upstream repository is blessed (read-only) so you must add your (writable) origin remote

Simple development workflow

  • fork blessed repository
  • in forked repository work in local branches, keep your master clean, so you can sync it later with blessed repository: git checkout -b mybranch
  • push your local branch changes: git push origin mybranch:mybranch
  • create a pull request against the blessed repo
  • same principles can be applied when working with other developers repositories:
    • git remote add other_developer
    • git fetch other_developer
    • git checkout other_developer/his_branch
    • ...

On the host(local) machine

  • mkdir /tmp/hirc_dev
  • sshfs -p 2323 cit@localhost:hirc /tmp/hirc_dev/
  • open /tmp/hirc_dev in your favourite code editor

On the guest(virtual) machine

  • initialize Python virtual environment: source ~/hirc_env/bin/activate
  • change directory cd hirc and run devserver: devserver
  • open http://localhost:8000 in your favourite web browser

Coding standards

Migrating database

  • database migrations are somewhat fiddly in the beginning
    • python migrate questions 0001
    • python migrate imagery_requests 0001
    • python migrate imagery_requests 0002
    • python migrate questions 0002
    • python migrate imagery_requests 0003

Development updates

  • install python-social-auth: pip install python-social-auth
  • sync python-social-auth models: python syncdb
  • drop auth_user table: psql -c 'DROP TABLE auth_user cascade;' hirc_dev
  • install django-reversion: pip install django-reversion
  • migrate: python migrate reversion
  • python migrate imagery_requests 0004

End-of-day updates

  • python migrate questions 0003